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  3. BuzzSumo: The Heavyweight of Content Discovery?

    As you can see in the following figure, I'm presented with a list of trending topics related to AdWords. Before we get started, I have a confession – I was initially a little reluctant to write this review, because BuzzSumo has become nothing short...

  4. Bing Ads Bid Landscape Tool Comes to Ad Group Level

    The bid landscape tool, which was originally released in March, is similar to Google AdWords' Bid Simulator Tool. Bing Ads has announced that their Bid Landscape tool can now be used at both the keyword and ad group level by all U.S.advertisers.

  5. Google Updates Shopping Feed Requirements

    Google AdWords ads (both text and image) are created from inventory information that sellers communicate to Google through a feed. Google has announced new shopping feed requirements. Google's feed specifications, or what Google requires merchants...

  6. PPC Budget Forecasting 101

    Step 1: Login into AdWords As pay-per-click (PPC) professionals, we're often asked to play with our numbers, to shift our budgets, and essentially to predict the future. A daunting task, I know. Some common questions we get from our clients about...

  7. A Strategic Approach for New SEO Clients

    The AdWords Keyword Planner has a "Search for new keyword and ad group ideas" function in which you can enter groups of keywords to receive additional related keyword combinations. Once added to so-called AdWords plans (even if you don't intend to...

  8. The Best and Worst Things About Twitter Ads

    When Google AdWords first launched inline campaign editing several years ago, the community rejoiced at the ability to change budgets, pause and unpause campaigns, ad groups, and keywords, and edit bids all on the main campaign screen.

  9. 4 Steps to Maximize Local Search Success

    One passage from a post on Inside AdWords summed up what this means for advertisers: "Four out of five consumers say they want search ads to be customized to their city, ZIP code or immediate surroundings," according to new research from Google...