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  1. Connecting Content to ROI Is Critical in 2014, Say 78% of Search Marketers [Survey]

    Thirty-two percent said WordPress. The 2014 Search Marketer Survey by BrightEdge aimed to uncover the sentiment around some of the burning questions of 2014, like, "How do we measure our content? Where do we get our data?

  2. Matt Cutts: Bad Grammar in Comments Isn't a Negative Google Ranking Factor

    But if users contribute comments to your website or WordPress blog, and those comments aren't necessarily grammatically correct or don't have a high readability score, can this hurt your rankings? Creating quality content for websites is always a...

  3. New Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress Lets You Verify Your Site, Manage AdSense

    Many bloggers who use WordPress aren't necessarily as well versed in things such as how to create a specific page for Webmaster Tools verification, how to edit template files to include AdSense code, and how to do some the things that experienced...

  4. Majestic SEO Adds Live Rank Factors & New Link Prospecting to Search Explorer Alpha

    For example, let’s say you are looking for pages or blogs about “flights” on Blogspot, and Blogger sites, you could simply search for: flights” (opens in new window)

  5. Google Webmaster Tools Now Highlights Security Issues

    Some webmasters with a WordPress blog might not be able to tell the difference between an SQL injection or if it was an injection coming from a template or plugin. Last week at Pubcon, Google's Matt Cutts said that Google was working on the next...

  6. Metadata & You: Best Practices, Benefits & Implementation Made Easy

    Several free tools also will create code for your specific needs, including the Microdata Generator or the WordPress Schema Creator by Raven plugin. If you use WordPress as your CMS, the good news is a variety of plug-ins allow you to...

  7. Google+ Brings Automatic Authorship to WordPress & Typepad, Lets You Embed Posts

    A partnership with WordPress and Typepad means that now bloggers on both platforms can sign in to their respective platforms using their Google+ accounts, automatically tying their accounts together without having to go through any of the...