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  1. SEO & PPC Q1 2014 Trends: '(not provided)', Mobile & Bing Ads All Grow [Reports]

    The iPad and iPhone each drove more organic search visits than all Android devices combined, RKG data showed.iPad users drove 12 percent of all the mobile organic search visits in Q1 (31 percent).iPhone users contributed to 11 percent, while all...

  2. Google Display Ads on Mobile Devices: How to Avoid the Erroneous Clicks of Children

    Sure, when mom was browsing relevant content, our ads appeared – but our ads also appeared when mom would hand their tablet (probably an iPad) over to their kid form some tech-based playtime. There are a few factors that may cause unqualified...

  3. Global Mobile Advertising Opportunities: Brazil. Russia, India & China

    The Apple iPad is the most expensive device to target and costs about 5.44 Russian Rubles, which is the equivalent of $17 U.S. When it comes to the leading mobile devices, which includes the iPad and iPhone, Apple far surpasses average CTR.

  4. U.S. Holiday Trends & Forecast: Top Shopping Days, Hot Searches, Mobile Shoppers

    For tech junkies, it seems Apple-related products are at the top of many people's list, with the iPad Air stealing the Even government shutdowns can't put a damper on the consumer's plot to shop this holiday season.

  5. SEMPO State of Search Survey: Weigh In, Get the Report, Win an iPad 3

    Participation guarantees a copy of the complete report – normally a members-only perk or for purchase at $695 – plus a chance to win an iPad 3. SEMPO, the search marketing industry's professional organization, is currently conducting its annual...

  6. Google Updates Android Search App; Teases New iPhone/iPad Search App

    The company also has revealed plans for a new version of the Google Search app for iPhone and iPad users. Google pushed out several updates to the Google Search app for Android 4.1+ users this week. Google also announced a new look and feel for...

  7. SEO in the Age of Apps: Diversifying Your Mobile SEO Strategy

    Apple Maps: Despite a shaky start, Apple Maps is still native to iOS6 which accounts for over 90 percent of iOS, iPad, and iPod touch devices. But mobile devices have ushered in a whole new set of search challenges in the form of apps, forcing SEO...