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Google Introduces New AdWords Look Globally

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Over the past year Google has been listening to advertisers and agencies and the feedback we have been giving. As a result, Google has released several new design changes to AdWords. These changes began rolling out last week..

The new look and feel simplifies the AdWords interface with new menus, tabs, navigation, and buttons to help our data stand out even more. When you look at the back end it's more graphically appealing. Google feels this will help AdWords be more "visually appealing and zippy, while keeping the features where you are accustomed to finding them."

A couple details were in the tightening up space in the header allowing more data without scrolling. You now have one clean horizontal line. The left navigation was modernized with few old blue links. It's more flattened out and modernized.

Google also toned down the little blue text question marks. You will also see larger buttons for almost everything including all the menus.

All this will work and has the same feel as all Google products. Simple put, it makes everything beautiful and more user intuitive.

Google had a hangout late last week which you can watch below. This video goes over all the changes and breaks down everything!

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