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  1. Bing and Google Are Ready for Some Football

    And while searching "NFL predictions" in Google does not yield comparable forecasts from the world's biggest search engine, a recent Google blog post cites a resurgence of search interest for GIFs on Google Trends and says its Art, Copy & Code...

  2. Building Future Safe Links – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

    Google recently updated its Webmaster Guidelines, specifically its "Little or no original content" page, to add "low-quality guest blog posts” as an example of unoriginal content. Given Matt Cutts' statement against guest blogging for SEO (links...

  3. Choosing Your Agency: It’s About the Team

    Google and other search engines are refining their algorithms, making them more holistic evaluations of a website. A good piece of content can be promoted socially, on search (paid and organic), and through display – plus, have an email campaign...

  4. 8 Blogging "Rules" You Should Probably Ditch

    Instead of comments, they encouraged their audience to start a discussion on their social media outposts, most especially on Google Plus. What does republishing the exact same content do to invoke Google’s duplicate content penalty?

  5. Link Building With Ahrefs: A How-To Guide

    Step Two: Search for a phrase you want to rank for in Google. The big plus side to the more difficult avenue (i.e.having to generate entirely new resources of a quality that a .gov or .edu would find linkable) is that this is where real natural...

  6. Apparel PPC: Zappos Dominates the Competition

    Zappos, which launched in 1999, has been a clear frontrunner in the online shoe market and has dominated their category on Google AdWords. Google AdWords data from Q2 2014 on the top 530 apparel keywords.

  7. What is Link Building?

    Everyone knew that links were heavily weighted in Google's algorithm, and everyone also knew that Google's algorithm wasn't sophisticated enough to properly detect improper linking. That's four years before Google even existed.

  8. 3 Reports Offer Insights on State of Paid Search in Q2

    The Search Agency showed clicks were up on both Google and Bing in Q2, 38 percent and 20 percent, respectively. Adobe reported CTR on Bing-Yahoo was down, while Google’s CTR rose 20 percent in Q2 2014, and said it was likely due to “Google changing...

  9. Implementing the SEO Quality Gate

    Does the content have the Google authorship tag? A quick Google site search (" target keyphrase here") for the target keyword can turn up internal linking opportunities. Plus, your writers get to learn a new skill.

  10. 6 Ways to Make Your Search Results Shine

    Google My Business can put your business information in search results, on maps, and in Google Plus. Google Knowledge Graph is consistently presenting new opportunities to produce enhanced listings in on its search results pages.

  11. BuzzSumo: The Heavyweight of Content Discovery?

    Similarly, the "Users that shared" feature in the content discovery reports are also restricted to tweets, meaning that a lot of data on who is sharing content to channels like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn is being lost.

  12. Google Kills Google+ Direct Connect Feature

    Remember when you could find Google+ pages simply by typing the plus symbol ("+") in front of the business name? For example, typing +Search Engine Watch would bring you directly to SEW's Google+ page.

  13. 5 Reasons Why Pitching International SEO is a Pain

    People even search dramatically differently from region to region, as in many ways we have all been trained over the past 14 years on how to "Google" efficiently. Plus, the value of the SEO program has gone from a tenuous proposition on your...

  14. Google Reveals What New & Expectant Parents Search For

    With both Mother's Day and Father's Day approaching, Jordan Rost, Brad Johnsmeyer, and Allison Mooney of Google looked at Google search trends, YouTube search trends, and Google Consumer Surveys to see what was top of mind for new and expecting...