Instagram Makes Content More Accessible With Place Search

Instagram has updated its app to allow users to search its wide selection of user generated content for specific places, people and tags, according to a recent blog post.

With over 70 million photos and videos uploaded to Instagram every day, the social media network has a wealth of location-based data. Now, the company is capitalizing on that data by allowing users to search locations all over the world by typing in relevant keywords, such as “Yosemite National Park” to access other users’ location tagged photos. Users can also search for event tags, like #bonnaroo, or explore trending topics, such as #fathersday. instagram-search-location-based

According to the company’s site, the photos that turn up in search results are based on keywords, along with their popularity within the Instagram community and even their relation to photos individual users have liked before.

The search update is currently available for both iOS and Android.

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