Google Trends Expands to Focus on Real-Time Data

The latest – and biggest since 2012 – expansion of Google Trends focuses on real-time data, giving users a sense of what stories people are searching for.

Inspired by hundreds of conversations with journalists and researchers, the new version of Google Trends allows users to explore more than 100 billion searches in depth, on a minute-by-minute basis. Selecting a time range also gives them a glimpse at the trends, seeing when interest peaked around the world.


The Google Trends homepage aggregates search data, in addition to trends from YouTube and Google News. Current hot items include the NBA finals; the Game of Thrones finale, which experienced a peak in interest at 1 a.m. last Monday; the recent prison break in upstate New York; the FIFA scandal, which is of particular interest in West Africa and Canada; and the presidential race. Donald Trump is the most-searched candidate in every state, except New Hampshire, Vermont and Wisconsin.

The redesigned homepage is now available in 28 countries, with more on the way in the coming months.

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