Bing Revamps Its Mobile Homepage

The search giants are certainly putting more of a focus on mobile user experience these days. Right after Google streamlined its mobile search results page last week, Bing has introduced a new homepage for both iOS and Android.

The redesign was built upon a swipe-up card layout and features a number of enhancements.

Every day Bing releases an image as its homepage background. When a user taps the image of the day card below the search box, they can learn more about the image. By continuing to swipe up, the user will see a news consumption card called “Popular Now,” and can read a number of trending stories in the section.


The mobile version of “Popular Now” is an extension of Bing’s news carousel on desktop. “The homepage news carousel at the bottom of the page is one of the most highly engaged features, connecting users to news stories across the Web,” Bing said in a blog post. “With that in mind, we are bringing the desktop’s news carousel experience to mobile.”

In order to further provide a better mobile experience, Bing also created a rewards card where users can view their Bing Rewards account status, as well as a settings card for them to change their search habits.

Aside from the above enhancements, users can send their feedback, thoughts, and suggestions on the new mobile site via the footer card at the bottom.


On the new site, Bing also encourages users to download its app.

What are your thoughts on the redesign of on mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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