Google AdWords Upgrades URLs for Better Tracking

Google AdWords has segmented URL editing tools to reduce the time it takes to manage tracking updates, as well as crawl and load times on websites.

The AdWords Upgraded URL tool allows users to access the landing page portion of their URL and the tracking information separately. Currently, when users adjust tracking the entire ad stops running while the URL is re-reviewed, but Upgraded URLs give the option to update tracking information within accounts, campaigns or ad groups without resetting ad stats.


Upgraded URL users can now share tracking templates at account, campaign, and group levels. But users may also still manage URLs at the individual URL level, from the ad, keyword, or sitelink. Upgraded tracking templates will also allow for custom parameters, which means better business insights.


For example, AdWords users can now set up custom “ValueTrack” parameters to measure ad clicks based on location.


Google will offer Upgraded URLs starting this week. The company recommends that all AdWords users adopt the new system by July 1 2015.

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