Tweets to Appear in Google Searches

Tweets will soon be visible in Google searches.

Twitter struck a deal with Google, giving the search giant access to its firehose, or the stream of data generated by users’ tweets, according to reports. Google has always crawled the firehose manually, but within the next three months, tweets will be automatically visible in searches as soon as they’re posted.

This is the latest move in the microblogging platform’s effort to make sure its content is seen beyond its own website. Earlier this week, Ameet Ranadive, senior director of product at Twitter, wrote a blog post about Syndicated Promoted Tweets, which bring paid tweets to third-party sites and apps as native content. Early adopters include Yahoo Japan and Flipboard, a magazine-format mobile app that acts a social network aggregation. From the brands’ perspective, their creative will remain unchanged, as their paid tweets will appear in streams that have already been integrated.

Twitter, which already shares data with Yahoo and Bing, has previously had a similar deal with Google, though Ali Rowghani, chief operating officer at the time, chose not to renew it after two years. The new deal doesn’t pertain to advertising revenue, though Twitter reportedly may receive data-licensing revenue.

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