Super Bowl Teasers, an NFL YouTube Channel, & Google Search Updates

The Super Bowl is quickly approaching and fans are anxiously awaiting, and searching for information about, the biggest game of the year. Regardless if either the Seahawks or Patriots end up taking home the Vince Lombardi Trophy, many viewers will be tuning in for the advertisements.

NFL Results on YouTube and Google Search

Launching for the first time this season is the NFL’s YouTube channel. In preparation for next week’s big game you can find a pre-game analysis and access to the highlights that everyone has been talking about. Even in the offseason, the NFL YouTube channel will post videos that will keep fans coming back for more.


Beginning with the 2015 season, users will be able to complete a search result for any NFL team for not only replays, but important information from analysts that will help you clench the title in your fantasy football league.

Super Bowl Fan Map

Google has launched a map that shares details about the most searched NFL teams throughout the 2014-2015 season. Additionally, users will be able to see where the most “chatter” is happening in the United States for the Patriots vs. Seahawks.

Along the bottom of the map you can select which week you’d like to see the top search results for. It acts as sort of a heat map, showing which teams were most discussed and in which states. There is also a most talked about blurb featured each week that users can click on and read.

Super Bowl Ad Stats and Teasers

The game hasn’t even begun and fans are already hungry for access to the much-anticipated advertisements of the Super Bowl. Companies have wised up and started publishing teasers of their ads to YouTube, instead of posting the entire ad prior to the Super Bowl as they have in years past. With a little less than one week to go before the Super Bowl, there is already a lot of data surrounding the anticipated ads.

  • 44 million – the number of times Super Bowl ads have been watched this season (up 25 percent from 2014)
  • 70 – ads or teasers have been uploaded to YouTube (up 55 percent from 2014)
  • 70 million total minutes – of ads have been watched on YouTube already (three times the number from last year)
  • 1.5 minutes – the average amount of time each ad was watched

Trending Ads

  1. Nissan – Crazy Ball Prank
  2. Carl’s Jr – AU NATUREL
  3. Bud Light – Real Life PacMan
  4. Snickers – Super Bowl Teaser
  5. Bud Light – Coin
  6. Victoria’s Secret – Victoria’s Secret Angels Play Football
  7. Carnival Corporation – Cruise Virgins
  8. Toyota – To Be a Dad
  9. Pepsi – Lunchtime Halftime
  10. Carnival Corporation – Get Away

Which ads are you most looking forward to during Sunday’s game?


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