Bing Ads Launches Universal Event Tracking

Bing Ads has developed Universal Event Tracking (UET), a way to define and track goals for performance and conversions, the company revealed¬†at today’s Bing Ads Next event.

The new tracking capability replaces the current Campaign Analytics conversion tracking functionality. The current conversion tracking will continue to work, however – any new tags will have to be created with the new tool starting today.

Universal Event Tracking will consist of one tag across all campaigns and accounts and will provide data including assists and Web metrics like bounce rate and visit duration. The tag will follow the last-click attribution model for attributing conversions to keyword clicks. Any previous click during the conversion window will be counted as an assist.

Tracking across devices will also be of huge benefit to advertisers, as the tracking tag will also enable remarketing scenarios such as bid modifications and the ability to define and target custom audience segments.

To set up in Bing Ads, advertisers will find the new feature in the shared library under “create goals.” Goals can be tracked for seven days or up to 90 days.

The feature is generally available today and the remarketing component will be available at the end of November or early December.

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