Danny Goodwin Leaves Search Engine Watch, Thank You & Goodbye

Today marks Danny Goodwin‘s last day as my editor (and many others) at Search Engine Watch. So I want to take a moment and this brief article to thank Danny for being one of the best editors for which a writer could ask.

A writer is only as good as their editor. Pull the reins too tight and you kill the writer’s motivations. Let loose those reins too much and your writers might meander way off the given course (I know this from personal experience). Danny always managed to find the balance between the two, and for that I am grateful.

Danny not only gave us the freedom to write about what we wanted. He took what was written and always made it better. He also never balked (too much) when that article that was due Tuesday, came in on Wednesday because a client had to take precedence or your article took double the time expected to finish.

Danny has always been there with an encouraging word, professional direction, and constructive critique. I know I am a better writer for having had him as my editor.

Although sad to see him leave, I am excited to see all the amazing things he will be doing at his next endeavor at Linkdex.

Danny Goodwin

So thank you Danny. Friend, mentor, editor – you will be missed, but I am better for working with you these past three years.

Author’s Note: I’m not sure there is one that embodies Danny better than the one above. Also, I told Danny he had to publish this or he wasn’t getting my last article ;).

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