Google, Where’s My Car? Google Now Adds New Parking Location Card

Have you ever spent what seems like hours roaming around a large parking lot searching for your car? With the click of a button, a new Google Now update can save the location of your car as a handy card.

When you’re ready locate your car all you need to do is visit Google Now, hit the card, and then use Google Maps to find your car exactly where you (almost) remember leaving it.

Google Now Parking Location Card

How Does it Work?

The service will utilize the sensors on your device to recognize when you leave a moving vehicle, according to Google. What does this mean? Even if you’re exiting public transportation or a friend’s vehicle you might still see a saved parking card on your application.

Unfortunately, this new feature of Google Now is only currently available for Android users. Parking location cards will be available once you’ve updated to the latest version of the Google Search for Android app.

The ABC’s of Google Now’s Parking Location Functionality

  • Accuracy: Google admits that the sensors will find the approximate location of your parked car. What does this mean for end users? If you can’t remember what street you parked on or which direction your car is, this tool will prove handy. However, if you went to a three-day music festival and are looking for your car in a throng of other tightly packed vehicles, it may present a bit of a challenge.
  • Bethink: Do you remember the one time when you went to that one place and parked over by that building? It’s safe to venture that your answer is, no. Fortunately for you, Google Now keeps track of other locations where you’ve recently parked.
  • Confidentiality: You can breathe a sigh of relief; your parking location cards are not accessible by any other users.
  • Denied:If you want to turn off the parking location function it can be accomplished in two easy steps:
    1. When you see the location card on Google Now, simply touch the menu icon on the card.
    2. When you’re asked if you would like to continue receiving reminders, touch no.

Reaction Corner

What is your immediate reaction to Google Now’s latest upgrade? What (if anything) do you think Google plans to do with the information that they collect from Parking Location users? Perhaps there will be local ad targeting based on parking location in the near future?

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