Bing Further Bolsters Social Results With 5x More Facebook Content

Last year, Bing introduced its social sidebar. It included content from your friends on Facebook in a sidebar that augmented but didn’t get in the way of search results.

Since then, there have been numerous updates from Bing expanding the sidebar to include content from other social networks, like Klout and Quora.

In the wake Facebook unveiling Graph Search, Bing is now announcing the addition of more Facebook data into it’s social sidebar results.


Proclaiming there’s “someone who can help” with everything you want to do on Bing, Bing has added status updates, links, comments, and images of relevant content that your Facebook friends have shared. Calling it “five times more” friend contnent, Bing wants you to be able to make better decisions on what you’re looking for.

Combining search results with friend recommendations provides the framework for friend recommendations in search results without peppering the actual search results with social content. As before, all social content is kept to the sidebar.



By clicking social content, you’ll be linked to the original share, or – as is the case with images – you’ll receive a full-screen view of the image with the ability to like or comment.

In addition to five times the Facebook content, Bing’s announcement indicates that the social sidebar will include results from Twitter, FourSquare, Quora, Klout and even Google+. If you don’t see the content you’re looking for, click the “+ see all” icon at the bottom of the social sidebar and more will appear.

If you haven’t used the social sidebar yet, look for the Connect to Facebook icon in the top-right corner and login. Have you used it yet? Is more social better, worse or doesn’t it matter? Let us know in the comments.

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