Adobe Partners with OptiMine in Improved SearchCenter+

Adobe and Optimine Partner Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced a partnership with OptiMine Software Inc., adding keyword performance predictive analytics to the Adobe SearchCenter+ search marketing management system. This latest feature follows the July release of Adobe SearchCenter+ 4.0, which focused largely on updating the five year old user interface carried over from Omniture.

OptiMine Algorithm Incorporates SearchCenter+ Data

OptiMine predictive keyword analytics uses SearchCenter+ keyword performance data from paid search campaigns in its algorithm to more accurately predict keyword performance. The system is capable of automatically generating optimal keyword bids. According to Adobe, search marketers can expect higher return on ad spend, increased leads, higher conversion rates, and greater profit per keyword. SearchCenter+ also gives users the ability to pause and restart keywords based on inventory availability.

Both parties expressed their optimism that the partnership will bring added value to Adobe clients. OptiMine CEO Jim Moar said, “The integration of our automated bid optimization coupled with SearchCenter+’s robust data will enable Adobe’s Online Marketing Suite customers to be even more successful.” Adobe customers can add the new OptiMine to their contracts immediately.

Screenshot of Adobe SearchCenter

Organizational Shuffle Puts Digital Marketing, Customer Experience Front and Center

This summer, Adobe announced a number of organizational changes designed to help the company both capitalize on the massive projected growth in content authoring and digital marketing, and improve the customer experience.

Senior vice president David Wadhwani took on responsibility for the Adobe Acrobat business, adding this to his oversight of the Creative Solutions and Platform businesses. Their recently released Digital Publishing Solution falls under this umbrella, using Adobe CS5.5 to create and distribute publications for major platforms, with integrated Omniture analytics. As of June 3, 2011, Acrobat had grown 17 percent over the same period one year prior.

Senior vice president Brad Rencher now oversees digital marketing, enterprise solutions, and customer experience management solutions. This is in addition to his previous role managing Adobe’s Omniture business. Both Omniture and Customer Experience Management, Enterprise performed incredibly well in Q2 2011 reports. Omniture achieved record revenue, with year-over-year bookings growth of over 20 percent. The Customer Experience Management, Enterprise segment grew a staggering 34 percent year-over-year.

Adobe Looking to Growth and New Opportunities

The amalgamation of Adobe’s digital marketing and customer experience management is a calculated move, as they plan to integrate the Digital Marketing Suite with content management software, a part of the customer experience management division, to develop cloud-based solutions for marketing executives.

Looking forward, Adobe is optimistic and indeed, seems in good position for another period of record revenue growth. “Given our execution in Q2 against our large growth opportunities, we are reaffirming our 10 percent revenue growth objective in fiscal year 2011,” said Mark Garrett, executive vice president and CFO of Adobe.

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