Google Pilots an Analytics-Webmaster Integration

If you’re serious about running a website and you want to get your search-related data straight from Google, chances are you’ve registered for both Webmaster Tools and Analytics; anyone who signs up for Analytics almost certainly benefits from Webmaster Tools as well. In an effort to start cross-breeding the two services, Google has launched a limited pilot program that integrates data and tools from both services

What the Experimental Service Includes

The cross-service tools for the pilot program will start out as fairly limited. More specifically, they will include a set of reports that pull information from your Webmaster Tools and display them in your analytics interface. Beyond giving you the chance to see more data in one place, the reports will allow Webmaster data (such as clicks, queries, impressions, average position, etc.) to be seen in the dynamic Analytics charts. Many other Analytics features, such as filtering and visualizations, will be available.

For example, organic search impressions, clicks average organic position and clickthrough rate (CTR) are part of the main interface in this Google Analytics pilot.

Google Analytics with Webmaster Tools Integration

This is just the beginning for cross-integration, however, it seems that Google is mostly aimed at rolling Webmaster data into Analytics.

The official Google statement announcing the program indicated that, “We hope this will be the first of many ways to surface Webmaster Tools data in Google Analytics and give you a more thorough picture of your site’s performance.” It’s not yet clear whether those accepted to the pilot program will also have earlier access to additional programs.

Signing Up for the Pilot

First, a couple caveats. Keep in mind that as a limited pilot program you may just not get in. Further, if you do get in, it may not be for several weeks; as Google puts it, “If you’re chosen for the pilot, you’ll receive an email in a few weeks with more details.” That said, signing up is fairly easy.

First, go to the Google pilot sign-up page. Fill out the form located here (you’ll need to provide your contact email address, first and last name, Google Analytics ID, login email address, and domain you intend to use the reports for). Then hit submit and you’re clear! All you have to do now is wait patiently and hope you get selected.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this pilot program is its implication for Webmaster Tools and Analytics. Consolidating accounts may be part of the longer term plan of social analytics and Google +1, but first we will have to see how the pilot program goes.

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