Blogger Founder, Evan Williams, Saying Goodbye to Google

Evan Williams, the founder of Pyra Labs/Blogger and currently the Blogger Program Manager, has just posted an announcement on EVHEAD (his blog) that he’s leaving Google this Friday.

Google purchased Pyra Labs in February 2003.

William’s mentions that he’s gotten the “itch” to start a new company but isn’t commiting to anything at the moment. He also writes that it’s time to “pay attention” to other parts of his life.

Problems at Google?

Williams says that his departure has nothing to do with with Google or Google management. He writes that “all and all they’ve been awesome” and have “pretty much” allowed him retain control of Blogger since purchasing the company.

So Why the Departure?

The reason I’m leaving probably comes down to personality more than anything. I’ve just always been stubbornly independent-minded — even when it wasn’t necessarily in my best interest…When I started at Google, I knew I was giving up my independence and knew I probably wouldn’t like that eventually. So I promised myself I’d stay at least a year. I stayed for a year and eight months and have had a fun, fascinating, and extremely educational time. I’m honored to have been a part of Google for such a historic period.

Good luck Ev! Enjoy the time off and when the time is right, we’re looking forward to learning about your new company.

Just for Fun: Remember the Early Days

Here’s a look at the Blogger and Pyra home pages from 1999.

Thanks to S.C. for the news tip.

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