An Excerpt from The Google Story

It’s time for another book about search, Google to be specific. While John Battelle’s excellent book The Search is about the search biz and technology as a whole (yes, with plenty about Google), the new book (due out tomorrow in the U.S.) by David Vise from the Washington Post and Mark Malseed focuses squarely on Google (Vise calls it a biography) and is titled, The Google Story. Today, The Post published an excerpt from the book.

You can read Chapter 26, “Googling Your Genes,” here. More to say once we can read the entire book. Btw, an abridged audio version of The Google Story is also being released.

Here are a few key passages (IMHO) from the excerpt:

Brin and Page foresee Google users having universal access to vast repositories of fresh information, some of it public and some private, which is not currently available on the Internet. This encompasses motion pictures, television, and radio programs; still images and text; phone calls and other voice communications; educational materials; and data from space. The pair is also involved in the hunt for clean, renewable energy sources to power Google and broaden economic growth. “These guys have a big, compelling vision for what the company is going to do,” said Stanford president John Hennessy. “They think very hard about the long term.”

One of the most exciting Google projects involves biological and genetic research that could foster important medical and scientific breakthroughs.

Google’s data-mining techniques appear well-suited to the formidable challenges posed by analyzing the genetic sequence. It has begun work on this project, but has not been required to disclose any information about it publicly since the work has no impact on its current revenue and profits.

Among the other innovations that Sergey Brin and Larry Page would like to see Google and other firms achieve in the future is the production of affordable, clean-burning fuel that does not harm the environment. The source for this power is likely to be the sun. This area of research is important to Page, who for years has focused on the enormous quantities of electricity needed to power Google’s network of hundreds of thousands of computers.

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