Search Headlines & Links: July 7, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • Conference Coverage: SES Latino 2006

    The first ever Search Engine Strategies Latino will be taking place this
    Monday and Tuesday in Miami, Florida. Danny will be moderating some sessions
    and I will be covering the Landscape & Tactics tracks at the Search Engine
    Roundtable. Nacho Hernandez from iHispanic is hosting the event. You can view
    the conference schedule by clicking here. Want to discuss? Join our Search
    Engine Watch Forums thread….
  • Google
    Health Scrapbook: Google’s Health Portal

    Via PaidContent and VC Ratings, Google is working on a health portal named the
    Google Health Scrapbook. From what I understand there will be a "directory"
    for patients, doctors, vendors and pharmaceutical each. Google "users will be
    able to log in with their own account information and do things such as add a
    new medical provider, check their medical records or pay their bills." Google
    has been rumored to be working on a health portal for a while. With the hire
    of Adam Bosworth, Google’s Architect, Google Health we expected more. But when
    Google released Google Co-Op, those rumors were…
  • Google
    Checkout Could Increase Costs For The Shopping Comparison Engines

    Google Checkout adoption will translate to higher costs for the shopping
    comparison engines. Some of the costs will be passed onto merchants, and I?m
    not sure they?ll stand for it. The shopping comparison engines are some of the
    biggest purchasers of pay per click (PPC) listings on Google Adwords and
    Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM). Companies like, Shopzilla, and
    NexTag are also some of the savviest search marketers in the biz, looking at
    revenue derived from each and every click. Whether you call it arbitrage or
    not, many of the shopping comparison engines purchase keywords to drive
    traffic to their…
  • W3C
    Selling PageRank Or Thanking Supporters?

    Nathan Weinberg linked to a post by Emad Fanous who notes that the W3C is
    selling PageRank 9 and PR7 links. You can buy a link on this page also and
    earn yourself a PR9 link from the site. How much is it? $1,000 per year
    and if you do that, you will also get yourself a free PR7 link on this page.
    How about that for a good deal? 🙂 I’ll stop being sarcastic now… Things to
    note: (1) The links do not carry the nofollow attribute (2) It seems like
    anyone can buy the links. See the…
  • Google’s
    Q&A Database Different From Web Search Database

    This morning I posted at SER that Google was displaying results for a
    particular site in the Q&A section of the Google SERPs but at the same time
    does not have any pages of that site listed in the Google web search index….
  • Search
    Forums Roundup: July 7, 2006

    Today’s SearchDay, Search Engine Forums Spotlight, features our weekly links
    to this week’s hot topics from search engine forums across the web: Google
    Checkout: Exaggerated Claims? – Spam is an Arms Race – So Confused About 302
    Redirects – Are Outbound Links Rewarded? – A Guide to Keyword Analysis, and
  • AOL
    Podcast Search Beta Live

    TVEyes’ podcast search engine has been launched as a service on
    AOL Search in Beta. You can access the AOL Podcast Beta Search after accepting
    the license agreement, you will then be directed to
    A search will provide a method to listen to podcast excerpts with a link to
    hear the whole podcast. You can submit your podcast to AOL here. You can also
    learn more about AOL Podcast Search beta here….

  • Adds NoFollow To Many Links

    Threadwatch reports that has added the nofollow attribute, a
    method of telling search engines not to count particular links as a "vote," to
    many of its outbound links. Aaron Wall discusses how the use of the nofollow
    in this sense "muddies their credibility," by saying, we have links on our web
    site that we posted but we don’t trust them. It turns out that only those that
    pay for a directory listing gets a link without the nofollow
    added to it. Everyone else who is accepted into the directory, is tagged as
  • Lawsuits
    Over The Google Party Jet; Arguments Over Bed Sizes On Board

    New details out now about the Google Jet we’ve written about before, the used
    767 that Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have purchased. Turns
    out, there are lawsuits filed over the retrofit of the plane, and with them,
    news of hammocks hanging from the ceiling and an apparent fight between the
    cofounders over bed sizes that Google CEO Eric Schmidt had to referee….
  • Dr.
    Stephen Hawking Turns To Yahoo Answers For How Humans Will Survive

    Wow. Dr. Stephen Hawking, yes, the real Stephen Hawking, has turned to Yahoo
    Answers for help. How can the human race survive the next hundred years?, he
    asks, in a question that Yahoo reassures us is really from the famous
    physicist and not a joke. And stay tuned, because Yahoo’s planning to get U2’s
    Bono to post later today. How’s it going for Hawking? There were 15,867
    answers when I looked. That means his next question should be, "How can I
    review all these answers?" The answer is to sit back and let the Yahoo Answers
    community itself do it….

  • Updates Site made 4 major changes to its website. The company introduced a new
    design, new ranking methodology, clustering beta, and limited crawling. While
    Smarter is one of the little guys in the shopping comparison engine industry (
    and Shopzilla being the leaders according to comScore data), these are bold
    moves which show how serious the company is about becoming a major player….
  • Search
    Engine Optimization in an Hour a Day

    If you’re just getting started with search marketing, it can be tough to know
    where to start or which sources of information to trust. Things change
    quickly, and what worked yesterday doesn’t always work today. Fortunately,
    there are some fundamental approaches and techniques that always seem to work,
    and a new book does a great job of laying a foundation for search engine
    success. Even better, the book avoids jargon and stays away from the countless
    hotly debated "tactics" that often cause more harm than good. I’ve got a
    review of this new book in today’s SearchDay article, A Beginner’s…
  • Google
    In Another Dictionary: Merriam-Webster

    The LA Times reports that the term ‘Google’ has been added to the
    Merriam-Webster, the dictionary I grew up on. The other day we reported that
    Google was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, the most authoritative
    dictionary of the English language….

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