Search Headlines & Links: October 6, 2006

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  • Google
    Calls Operational Pause On Products & Yes, New Rollouts Were Hurting Search

    Google Puts Lid on New Products from the Los Angeles Times is great news from
    Google — Sergey Brin leading an attitude change of “features, not products”
    to get Googlers to improve what they already have rather than push out new
    stuff. From the story:…
  • Google
    News – Porn Edition?

    Barry Schwartz emailed me to take a look at the entertainment section at
    Google News a little while ago. No, Google’s not gone into porn — but yes,
    that’s Jessica Simpson nude that accidentally got up on the page. You can see
    there was story about the movie “Employee of the Month,” and the thumbnail
    picture came from this article about the movie. For family-friendly viewing,
    I’ve inserted a tactful black box. Here’s the uncensored view of what Google
    News had….
  • New
    Search Patent Applications: October 6, 2006 – Google Takes Over the Patent

    There were some interesting new patent applications this week from Yahoo,
    Microsoft, and IBM, but nothing on the scale of the outpouring of intellectual
    property published and assigned to Google – I uncovered 15 new patent
    applications from the Mountain View search giant. I’ll address patent
    applications from those others in a later post. This post looks at Google’s
    filings. Some of the topics covered include: Natural language questions and
    answers from a search engine, Query rankings and mid-page refinements, A
    detailed personalization system, Advertising and email contacts amongst
    members of a social network, Bringing together advertisers and advertising
  • Yahoo
    Messenger Worm Targets Google AdSense Click Fraud

    The Register reports that a new malware worm has been discovered that targets
    Yahoo Messenger, sends those users to pages with Google AdSense ads and clicks
    on them. The Google ads are specifically high priced keywords such as
    mesothelioma, which is a cancer caused from exposure to asbestos. More details
    on this worm at the Spyware Guide….
  • Google
    Acquisition Of YouTube Rumor

    Speculation about a potential acquisition of YouTube by Google is heating up.
    The Wall Street Journal reports and here’s more coverage and buzz. Previously
    it was reported that Yahoo was in similar talks to buy the site. The rumor
    first appeared this morning on TechCrunch….
  • Google
    Print Helping Book Sales

    Despite a skeptical publishing community some publishers are seeing increased
    sales from Google’s book scanning project. Reuters quotes several publishers
    as seeing increased sales. And here are the top 10 books on Google Book
  • MySpace:
    Not Just For The Under 30 Crowd

    As a kind of twist on that old 60’s mantra, social networking’s slogan might
    have been: not for anyone over 30 — or so we thought. As is being widely
    covered, comScore reported and MySpace apparently confirmed that the average
    age of its users is going up. More than 50% of its users in August were over
    35. This represents a kind of mainstreaming of social networking in one way of
    looking at it. MySpace, as you remember, has a deal with Google in which the
    latter will pay a guaranteed $900 million over a three-year period to be
  • Hitwise:
    ‘Social Local Search’ Growing Fast

    Hitwise’s LeeAnn Prescott, who presented at SES Local, has posted some of the
    data she showed at the conference. In this particular example, what she
    compared was traffic to traditional yellow pages sites vs. directory sites
    that incorporated user-generated content: “[G]rowth over the past year to the
    yellow pages custom category has been relatively flat, while the market share
    of visits to the custom category containing Yahoo! Local, Yelp, Judy’s Book
    and Insider Pages has grown by 44% when comparing August 2005 to August 2006.
    While standard yellow pages sites are receiving significantly more traffic in
    terms of volume, these…
  • Honda’s
    New ‘Crave’ Campaign Missing Search?

    Honda has redesigned its bestselling CRV sport utility vehicle. There’s a
    snazzy flash-based site featuring the new car and a user-generated/social
    media component there too. People can post their “craves.” But this otherwise
    sophisticated campaign, which includes outdoor and other traditional media, is
    apparently missing search….
  • Free
    Local Search White Paper From TeleMapics

    Consulting firm TeleMapics is offering a free local search white paper, which
    you can get here. Called “Local Search: Time for a Tune-Up?,” the document is
    62 pages and provides a fairly detailed overview of the state of local search.
    For those already working with local search, there’s nothing here you probably
    won’t already know. But it’s a good primer for those who aren’t very familiar
    with the area — and it’s free….
  • Search
    Forums Roundup: Oct. 6, 2006

    Today’s SearchDay, Search Engine Forums Spotlight, features our weekly links
    to this week’s hot topics from search engine forums across the web: Google
    Gadgets Now For Your Website – Is SEO a Game of Outsmarting Search Engines? –
    Relevant Domain Names – Business Week Article On Click Fraud, and more….

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