Expands Integration with Social Networks to Enhance Job Search

It’s a tough time for job seekers, but has released new features on their job search site to maximize the search for those looking. The update expands upon integration with social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

“Given the competitive employment landscape, it is now imperative for job seekers to leverage all possible resources in pursuit of their dream job,” said Gautam Godhwani, co-founder and CEO at Simply Hired.

Who Do I Know? is Simply Hired’s mashup with LinkedIn. It returns an in-line view of a searcher’s LinkedIn connections that are relevant to job search results. Connecting with recruiters and hiring managers via LinkedIn can definitely improve your chances of being contacted for an interview versus just sending the ol’ resume and cover letter to a generic human resources email. Simply Hired is very smart to integrate this into their search results.

“With hundreds of applicants vying for any one role, a personal or professional connection within an organization can give a job seeker the crucial advantage. Simply Hired’s new features show job seekers that there is hope; that their network of connections is more powerful than they believe,” said Godhwani.

Simply Hired has also added a “Share” feature that easily enables searchers to share job listings with their networks on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – as well as through email. This is an easy way to shoot out a message to social networks to find contacts and referrals.

“The job search process can be incredibly time-consuming, with some job seekers spending the equivalent of a full-time job on their search,” said Francis Larkin, senior product manager at Simply Hired. “Our goal is to help increase the exchange between job seekers’ personal networks and to provide a faster, more efficient job search experience.”

Last, but not least, Simply Hired has launched the following features:

  • Improved filters, including a telecommute, employer, recruiter and job board filters
  • A “New Jobs” link to aid returning visitors in quickly recognizing new listings in their job search
  • Customization of job search results, including the ability to block a specific job listing or a company

The new features are live, so head to Simply Hired to check them out for yourself or view their online tutorial before getting started.

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