Richest Men in Search & Social, Facebook Phone, New Twitter Analytics Tool [News Picks]

The Forbes 400, the annual list of the richest people in America, was released yesterday, and includes many familiar names in the search and social realm. Here’s a quick rundown of who made the list, as well as their net worth as of August:

11.(tie) Larry Page (Google co-founder), $15 Billion
11.(tie) Sergey Brin (Google co-founder), $15 Billion
16. Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO), $13.1 Billion
35. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook co-fouder), $6.9 Billion
42. Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), $6.1 Billion
48. Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), $5.45 Billion
356. Jerry Yang (Yahoo co-founder), $1.15 Billion
356. David Filo (Yahoo co-founder) $1.15 Billion

The entire list can be found here.

Facebook Phone
Speaking of Zuckerberg, he was all over the place yesterday. Word was he’ll be donating $100 million to public schools in Newark, N.J. He also was interviewed by TechCrunch about the rumored Facebook phone. Zuckerberg said the idea is to make everything you do on your phone social, and denied plans to compete with Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android phones.

Except, Bloomberg reported that Facebook is working on smartphones with INQ Mobile for AT&T, and the phones are due to be introduced in Europe in the first half of 2011, while the U.S. would get them in the second half.

In other Facebook news, Search Engine Journal reports on how a Fortune 1,000 company got 88,000 Facebook fans in four weeks, and only paid for half of them; All Facebook runs down CPM vs. CPC For Facebook Ads; and Inside Facebook reports that Facebook has terminated its Conversion Tracking Tool for Performance Ads. Also, the Canadian privacy commissioner is happy with changes made by Facebook, following an investigation of the site’s policies last year.

Twitter to Launch Free Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

Twitter plans to unveil a free real-time analytics dashboard in Q4. The tool will show you which tweets are spreading and who is influential in your network. This could help marketers justify budget spend and improve marketing efforts.

Here’s a roundup of this morning’s other top search headlines and tips from around the Web, sorted by category.

Search Industry

Muzzled Reporter Says ‘Maw of Yahoo’ No Place for JournalismDailyFinance
John Cook says Yahoo’s corporate conservatism got in the way of his attempts to report the news, puts excessive constraints on its journalists

Could Yahoo Launch a Smarter Instant Search?SEO by the Sea
Instead of updating search results for every letter typed for a query, the Yahoo process may only show updates when Yahoo believes those might provide meaningful search results.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Advertising

AOL’s New Super-Sized Ads Follow Trend of Larger UnitsClickZ
Company says less ad clutter and bigger ads will benefit both advertisers and users.

Google’s AdWords Transparency Requirements – Come Into the LightClickZ
What SEMs, lead aggregators, and resellers must tell their clients about AdWords campaigns from now on.

Learn about using Sitelinks in a new online courseInside AdWords
Learn more about Ad Sitelinks, including how to set them up and manage them in your account in this short, online course.

Keyword and Ad Strategy Tips for Yahoo Search and BingYahoo Search Marketing Blog
Tips for managing your campaigns in Yahoo and Bing from adCenter: expand your keyword list, set keyword match types, and monitor your ads’ positions as you begin to use adCenter.

YSM/adCenter Feature Comparison #1: TargetingYahoo Search Marketing Blog
Which features in Yahoo Search Marketing aren’t offered in adCenter, and a quick summary of targeting settings you can apply in adCenter.

Analytics & ROI

comScore Study with ValueClick Media Shows Ad Retargeting Generates Strongest Lift Compared to Other Targeting StrategiescomScore
This study analyzes 103 campaigns from 39 different advertisers covering seven industries, and examines the lift in brand website visitation and trademark search queries across six different media placement strategies.

Back-To-Basics: The Power of ExclusionGoogle Analytics Blog
If you want to find out how effective something is — whether it’s a traffic source, a promo, or a campaign — try excluding its influence from your data.

YWA Version 9.6 Has Been ReleasedYahoo Web Analytics Blog
Enhancements include: New Campaign by Type reports (paid search, display, email, affiliate, other), more consistent terminology, simplified invitation process, new metrics (assists, days to conversion, average days to conversion).

Identifying & Improving Poor Landing PagesPPC Hero
How to improve landing pages, using Merry Maids and 1800Flowers as examples.

Local & Mobile Search

Finding Places on the Web: Rich Snippets for Local Search Google LatLong
Using structured HTML formats like hCard to markup your business or organization makes it easier for Google to properly classify your site, recognize and understand that its content is about a particular place, and make it discoverable to users on Place pages.

Sunrise, Florida, Reemerges From Google Maps’ Bermuda TriangleSearch Engine Land

International Search

A Big Win for the InternetEuropean Public Policy Blog
Today a federal court in Madrid dismissed charges of copyright infringement against YouTube. Spanish broadcaster Telecinco had claimed that YouTube should be liable when users upload copyright-infringing material.

Google responds to Czech banThe Register
Czechs upset about the height of Google’s cameras; Google is disappointed.

Russian search engine Yandex beefs up music streaming optionsTechCrunch Europe
Launches Yandex.Music, features about 800,000 tracks from 58,000 artists.

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