Google Goggles Now Solves Sudoku For You

Google today released a new “faster and smarter” version of image search app Google Goggles for Android. In addition to boasting better barcode/QR scanning and recognition of print ads in newspapers and magazines, Goggles 1.3 also solves Sudoku puzzles.

  • Barcode/QR Codes: When shopping, hover your phone over the code, and within a second, Google says Android phones will vibrate and present you with search results featuring product reviews, in-store availability, and price comparison.
  • Magazine/Newspaper Print Ads: With this new feature, you can take a picture of an ad using Goggles, which will return web results about the product or brand. Google said this feature works on all print ads that have appeared in major U.S. magazines since August 2010, and is much bigger than Google’s November marketing experiment involving Buick, Disney, Diageo, T-Mobile, and Delta Airlines.
  • Solve Sudoku: Now a novice can beat a world champion Sudoku player. Simply take a picture of the puzzle you’re working on, and Goggles will provide the solution. This video shows how it works:

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