SEW’s 10 most popular articles of 2015

Yesterday we brought you the 10 most popular articles by Search Engine Watch’s guest writers, now it’s time to list those produced by our editorial team. 

So, with the largest number of pageviews first, here’s the top 10…

1. 12 good, bad and ugly web design trends for 2016

Chris Lake takes the top spot with a look at web design trends over the past year or so.

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2. 14 ways to reduce your site’s bounce rates

A look at bounce rates and related metrics, and how sites can do more to keep visitors on your site to explore further.


3. Google mobilegeddon has officially arrived

Mike O’Brien announces the release of Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ algorithm.

4. Internal linking for SEO: examples and best practices

A look at what internal linking is, how it affects SEO, and how you can use linking to improve your search rankings.

5. How to completely dominate Google’s first page

Search Engine Watch Editor Christopher Ratcliff with some advice on maximising your footprint in the SERPs.


6. 8 ways content marketing and SEO can work together

My first article for SEW, all of three months ago. In which we manage to get into a lively debate in the comments.

7. 10 years of Google Analytics… and 10 features you’re probably not using

Chris Lake marks 10 years since Google launched its free analytics tool with a look at the features people are not using so much.


8. How do I get a search box to appear in my site’s search results?

Christopher Ratcliff looks at the factors that affect whether Google shows search boxes in the SERPs.


9. Do you have to come first in search anymore?

Marketers will of course covet that number one slot in the organic rankings, but how much does it really matter?

10. How cannibalisation can harm your search rankings

A look at how related domains are competing against each other for search rankings. Some are sites from the same parent company, other international versions of sites.


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