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Google's Q3 earnings: how did mobile search perform?

Gas Grill Google Mobile Search After Concessions

Google recently released its Q3 earnings, citing strength in overall results and calling particular attention to the mobile search business. How did search perform and what’s next for the channel? Google recently released its Q3 earnings, citing strength in overall results and calling particular attention to the mobile search business. How did search perform and what’s next for the channel? 0 Comments

How to use PPC in a PR crisis


When it comes to online reputation management (ORM) there's no doubt the strong role PPC can play if you need something quick to address a problem. Here are four things to consider when using PPC to combat PR and ORM issues 0 Comments

How to get the most out of Yahoo Gemini


Here's why search marketers that are currently refining campaign strategies in anticipation of the upcoming holiday shopping season should consider using Yahoo's Gemini platform. This explains how search marketers that are in the process of perfecting campaign strategies for the approaching holiday shopping season can benefit from using Yahoo's Gemini platform. 0 Comments

Elite SEM maintains perfect record at U.S. Search Awards

Welcome sign in Las Vegas

Elite SEM was the big winner in Vegas, having won the "best large agency" award for the third straight year. But with 21 other categories, Elite was far from the only winner. Named best large agency at the U.S. Search Awards all three years, Elite SEM was the big winner last night. However, the agency wasn't the only winner, as there were 21 other categories. 0 Comments

Paid Search Budgeting Tips: Avoiding Budget Horror Stories


Whether you use Bing Ads or Google AdWords, these suggestions can help you avoid common grievances that can arise while planning and managing budgets for paid search efforts. Whether your company uses Google AdWords or Bing Ads, you can use these suggestions to design and manage an effective budget strategy for paid search marketing efforts. 0 Comments

Do You Have a Diversified Local Strategy?


Now that Google has reduced its local listing positions, brands using a limited ad strategy deter ranking efforts. Here’s why it’s important to have a diverse marketing strategy. Since Google has reduced the number of local listing positions, brands that fail to implement a diverse ad strategy will inevitably drop in the rankings. Here’s how you can avoid this fate. 0 Comments

Halloween Tricks and Treats for Digital Marketers


The holiday shopping season is the most significant time of year for digital marketers, starting with Halloween. Consider these insights and optimize your ad campaign strategy. With Halloween just around the corner, the holiday shopping season is about to kick into high gear. Here are tricks to optimize your campaign strategy during this critical marketing period. 0 Comments

Why It's Time to Rethink Your PPC Ad Extensions


Now that Google has announced the debut of its Structured Snippets ad extension for AdWords, how will this new addition impact your overall PPC campaign strategy? Google recently released Structured Snippets ad extension for Google AdWords. Use these insights to determine if this tool can benefit your PPC campaign strategy. 0 Comments

6 Essential Research Studies That Marketers Shouldn’t Miss


This analysis of data from six research studies represents the current scope of the digital marketing industry. Use these insights to build effective and profitable campaigns. This evaluates six research studies that represent the current scope of the digital marketing industry. Use these insights to create campaigns that are both effective and profitable. 0 Comments

Inside the Mind of the Small Business Owner


Due to the accessibility of digital marketing resources, many small business owners become self taught online marketers. This explains the advantages of taking a DIY marketing approach. Due to the convenience of digital marketing resources, small business owners develop into self taught online marketers. This discusses the benefits of using a DIY marketing approach. 0 Comments

A 14 Point Checklist for Designing a PPC Landing Page


For a successful PPC strategy that regularly transforms clicks into conversions, consider this 13 point checklist to help improve the layout and design of your landing pages. This 14 point checklist for improving the layout and design of landing pages can optimize your PPC strategy by successfully transforming clicks into conversions. 0 Comments

SEO for E-Commerce Websites


Consider these insightful observations to address or avoid common conundrums that can arise while attempting to generate, manage, and improve the SEO for e-commerce websites. Here are ways to facilitate the optimization of e-commerce websites. These insightful observations can help you avoid common dilemmas while also enhancing an e-tailer's SEO. 0 Comments

5 Tools for Finding High-Value Long-Tail Keywords


Valuable doesn't necessarily mean expensive. Relevant long-tail keywords are often cheaper and lead to more conversions; here are five tools to help you find them. These five tools will help you find relevant long-tail keywords, which can be more valuable than their pricier counterparts. 0 Comments

Amazon Text Ads: To Do or Not To Do?


Amazon has implemented its own site-specific digital advertising search tool - Amazon Text Ads. Similar in functionality to Google AdWords, here are the new program's capabilities. Amazon Text Ads is comparable to AdWords Lite, though head terms get more conversions because it's still new. 0 Comments