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  1. Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong

    Social media can be an effective traffic driver when done well, but can truly alienate your customers when done badly, or when perceived to be done badly. Here are some major social media misfires, and how to avoid becoming the next social screw-up.

  2. Google to Close Orkut Social Netwok

    Google is closing the doors on its social media service, Orkut, to focus on more profitable areas of its business. The tech giant has given users a three-month period to export profile data.

  3. BuzzSumo: The Heavyweight of Content Discovery?

    BuzzSumo trawls the web for content based on search queries, and provides you with lots of interesting data based on your results. Here's why BuzzSumo is such an awesome tool and why you should make it a part of your Internet marketing arsenal.

  4. Google Kills Google+ Direct Connect Feature

    The Google+ Direct Connect feature in which you could quickly find Google+ pages in the search results by using the "+" command has quietly slipped away. A Google spokesperson said it was no longer a focus for Google moving forward.

  5. Top Brands Now Testing Pinterest Promoted Pins

    Pinterest announced the next phase in promoted pins testing with some heavy-hitting brands primed for Pinterest's target audience. Brands include Kraft, Target, and Disney, and these advertising campaigns will be in three- to six-month stints.