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  1. Twitter Adds Promoted Accounts to Search Results

    Twitter advertisers will now have the option to promote their accounts in search results, the great new high exposure ad placement for advertisers looking to promote their Twitter accounts, rather than promoting a specific tweet.

  2. Facebook Gives Advertisers More Targeting Options

    Facebook is making some changes to the way advertisers can target their ads to Facebook users. They are introducing multiple new targeting features, which will help advertisers drill down by location, demographic, interests, and behavior.

  3. Only 52% of Facebook Ad Spend is Outside the U.S. [Study]

    A new report by Marin Software says that 85 percent of Facebook users reside outside North America, but only 52 percent of ad spend targets regions outside of it. The potential for Facebook ads is strongest in Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions.

  4. Is Pinterest the New Darling of Retail Search?

    Given the huge user growth and investment in site experience and monetization, 2014 is fixing to be a huge year for Pinterest. Both online shoppers and retail advertisers would be remiss to ignore it this year.

  5. 5 Social Media Profile Optimization Tips for Brands

    Optimizing a social media profile is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here are five recommendations on how to give your brand's profile a visibility boost, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, or Instagram.

  6. Twitter Advertising Guide

    Twitter offers a great opportunity for brands to join the conversion by serving ads and tweeting content that is interest to users. This guide will introduce you to all the Twitter advertising options to help you reach your marketing objectives.

  7. Facebook Adds Trending Topics

    Facebook's new personalized trending future is designed to get people talking about interesting things that are happening in the world, as well as to keep Facebook users informed of the news and other trending topics.

  8. Facebook Content Comes to Yandex Search Results

    Russian search giant Yandex has announced a deal with Facebook giving them direct access of public data. Posts will pop up in Yandex’s blog search results, where it will join results from other blogs and social networks including Twitter.