Seth Godin’s Squidoo Acquired by HubPages

In an announcement on its website, Squidoo founder Seth Godin says that after serving as a content publishing platform for nearly a decade, Squidoo will be rolled into content-sharing site HubPages.

In his post, Godin says Squidoo has served its purpose:

"Squidoo is moving the best of its content to HubPages. They're the industry leader, continually pushing the envelope in terms of their content, its presentation and the traffic and traction they get online. The best way we know to serve our users is to give them an even better place for their content."

What Does This Transition Mean for Users?

In the coming weeks, content will be redirected to relevant HubPages. Squidoo users can access their dashboards and set up preferences on HubPages to begin building pages that can then be transferred.

Unfortunately for some users, not all Squidoo content will be transferred. Additionally, this content will not be available after the transfer is complete. Squidoo is urging users to archive their pages so they can still access them if they are not transferred.

Godin also included an extensive FAQ to answer questions users may have.

Squidoo is hoping to have the majority of the transition complete by October 1.

Over the years, SEW columnists have written about how Squidoo impacts search rankings. Some have argued Squidoo is a helpful site for search engine results saturation. Others have said sites like Squidoo and EzineArticles "are neither the way to the top of Google nor the cause for a punishment. [They provide] one link - and another possible avenue for customers to find [the] site. How much value it carries, only Google knows exactly, but links from sites with a similar topic focus (in the same niche) would be far more helpful to establishing the site as an authority."

What Do You Think?

Are you someone that has published on either Squidoo or HubPages? Will you miss Squidoo? Are you afraid your content won't transfer?

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