Search Engines Crazy in Love on Valentine’s Day 2012

All the major search engines are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with special logos or pictures on their home pages. In addition to Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle featuring Tony Bennett, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and others are sharing the love.



Ask’s homepage features a pair of swans in love. Today’s question of the day on Ask: how many cards are usually sent on Valentine’s Day (spoiler alert: about 160 million).



Chinese search engine Baidu celebrated the “holiday of lovers” by posting a special logo on its homepage today with characters illustrated by Taiwanese artist Jimmy Liao.

On Baidu’s mobile search, there is a different illustration. Cupid floats in the middle of Baidu’s logo, with the same two characters moving in opposite directions. After they move off screen, the couple reappears on a pink screen in the middle of a heart made of roses.


Baidu also offers what they call a “Map of Love,” which allows users to pinpoint special locations on a map. This is somewhat similar to Google’s Map Your Valentine, offered last year, which let you map a location on Google Maps, complete with heart-shaped pins, and send it as an e-card.



Bing’s background image today features pink Bleeding Heart Dicentra heart-shaped plants, perhaps to symbolize the “perennial” love of Valentine’s Day.



Dogpile checks in with a nod to “Lady and the Tramp” and urges visitors to “stay out of the doghouse … by finding deals and date ideas for your special someone.”



Someone sent our fine-feathered friend at DuckDuckGo roses for Valentine’s Day.



Baidu wasn't the only Chinese search engine crazy in love on Valentine's Day.



Yahoo has an animated logo featuring a heart-shaped box of candy, with one special piece emblazoned with Yahoo’s "Y".

One other cool Valentine's logo comes from PPC Hero. Wlll you be his Valentine?


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