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The latest stories about local search and local promotion, including how-to guides to improve visibility of local businesses.

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  1. Yahoo Updates Its Local Search Results

    Yahoo gives its local search results a facelift with merchant snapshots that offer detailed business information, including a company overview, hours of operation, parking availability and more. The results looks a lot like Google.

  2. 4 Tips to Effectively Localize Your Search Marketing

    With the right structure and analytics in place, local search can help advertisers capitalize on regions where business is strongest, or become a lever that supplements marketing in underperforming regions to increase awareness and improve sales.

  3. 4 Local Search Tactics That Will Matter More in 2014

    Marketers should focus their energies on these key tactics in 2014: improving brand/domain authority; making websites mobile-friendly; correcting any inaccuracies in Foursquare; and fixing location information on local/map sites.

  4. Pinterest Explores Local Marketing with 'Place Pins'

    "Place Pins" offers a new way for local businesses to market themselves on Pinterest. The interactive map allows pinners to pin places they want to visit someday. These pins include local establishments with addresses and phone numbers.

  5. Google Penguin Got You Down? Work on Customer Service

    You can redirect your energy into activities that have a positive return. Customer service is an area where many small businesses do poorly. Investments in training and staff, guided by research, will help retain customers during tough SEO times.

  6. Link Building 101: Local Link Building

    Local link building is a commonly untapped resource, which can lead to quick yet quality links and net local customers. Here are some great strategies to build local links that can work for any business, as well as why they're worth pursuing.

  7. 4 Terrifying Local Search Marketing & SEO Mistakes

    Local search marketing is remarkably complicated with what often feels like endless tactics to employ in order to improve the visibility of your business online. Here are some mistakes that might be scaring away your local traffic and customers.

  8. Bing Ads Express Manages Paid Search for Local Businesses

    Bing has launched a new automated paid search program in 25 U.S. cities that makes it easier for local businesses to start PPC advertising. Claim your business, write an ad, select where you want it to run, and Bing's algorithms will do the rest.

  9. 4 Google Carousel Optimization Tips

    Google Carousel presents a new opportunity to appear at the top of the search results, but with it also comes some new best practices. Here's a look at how Google's Carousel works, its impact on industries, some tips on images, and how to optimize.