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Garrett French educates SEO and PR teams on content marketing and promotion strategies that drive converting referral traffic and deliver SERP domination all along the buy cycle. Learn more about him and his services at

Articles by Garrett French

  1. 15 Helpful Link Building Tools

    Using tools is a necessity for client link building. But how, why, when and who should use them? What follows is a list of some awesome link building tools you can use day in and day out for guest posting, broken link building, and group interviews.

  2. The Link Prospector's Guide to the Tilde

    Have you ever used the tilde operator in your link prospecting? This article comprises some early findings on experimenting with the tilde operator in guest post prospecting for the health space – what worked, what didn't, and some helpful tips.

  3. Broken Link Building for Content Promotion

    I love link rot... and so should every marketer tasked with creating and or promoting high-utility content. Link rot is a Force of Web-Nature that turns 30 percent of outbound links into real opportunities for you to promote high-quality content.

  4. Eric Ward Answers 10 Questions on BizDev Link Building

    Time to stretch our link building brains into thinking more deeply about link building and its importance to business. Eric Ward helps us define BizDev link building, offers real scenarios, and shares a process for identifying link opportunities.

  5. BizDev Link Building: 10 Questions with Ken McGaffin

    Links are important for SEO, but links can also be turned into business development opportunities - which is why the most fruitful opportunities for business development can be found in sites that already link to you, McGaffin says in this Q&A.

  6. The 7 Principles of Bulk Outreach for Link Building

    Your task: to build lists of relevant prospects and their contact info, then create an offer that will get these prospects to respond to you and take action that will lead to a link, social distribution and more content that can attract more links.

  7. Outreach Advice for Large Scale Guest Post Campaigns

    Going big in guest posting requires careful planning at every stage, from viability analysis and prospect discovery on down to effective content design. This article advises on the end stage of a guest publishing cycle - outreach for placement.