Fionn Downhill

Fionn Downhill

Fionn Downhill is the CEO of Elixir Interactive, a digital marketing agency that helps companies build and grow their customer relationships online. After building up a specialist agency in search engine optimization and paid search, Elixir Interactive expanded its digital marketing services in May 2008 to include social media optimization, reputation management, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing and user-experience design..

Elixir Interactive strives to leverage its experience in search to help clients create, optimize and distribute targeted content that reaches the right audience in the right place at the right time. By combining the intelligence gathered from search with the power of the social community, Elixir Interactive can help its clients better understand their customers, extend the reach of their brand, manage their online reputation and create compelling user experiences that truly connect with the target audience..

Fionn previously worked with organizations such as British Airways and Price Waterhouse. Fionn is involved in the advancement of search marketing and is a strong advocate for best business practices in the industry.

She is the Chair and a founding member of the SEMPO Institute, which was launched to provide first class training for the search engine marketing industry worldwide. Fionn is an established author and frequent speaker on search marketing. In March 2007, Fionn was elected to the SEMPO board of directors.

Articles by Fionn Downhill

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