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Jennifer Slegg

Jennifer Slegg

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  1. Google Webmaster Tools Updates Crawl Error Reports

    The new crawl error reports will make it easier for webmasters to track down crawl errors, why they are happening, and how to fix them without having to do a lot of back and forth checking with tools to determine what exactly was going on.

  2. Google Killed 350 Million 'Bad Ads' in 2013

    In 2013, Google removed 350 million bad AdWords ads as part of its efforts to prevent abuse of AdWords by both advertisers and AdSense publishers, although unfortunately they don't detail much about why those particular ads were removed.

  3. Facebook Adds Trending Topics

    Facebook's new personalized trending future is designed to get people talking about interesting things that are happening in the world, as well as to keep Facebook users informed of the news and other trending topics.

  4. Google Cuts Authorship in Search Results by 20-40%

    Getting your face on Google's search results pages via authorship is getting harder. New authorship algorithms aim to display photos for authors Google considers relevant and interesting and cut down on pictures of lesser quality authors.

  5. Facebook to Kill Sponsored Stories

    As of April 9, domain and open graph sponsored stories will no longer be served to users. Although Sponsored Stories can convert very well, many Facebook users found them creepy because they turned information about friend's likes into ads.