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Interactive U.S. Map Shows Google, Windows, Mac Usage by State

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Advertising network Chitika delves into Mac, Windows, Linux, and Google search usage by state with a new interactive map. The map allows users to view usage across the United States, and hover over each state to discover the percentage of use. 

Building on the stats Chitika released for Google-usage-by-state back in August 2013, Chitika added Mac, Windows, and Linux usage into the interactive map. When it comes to Google, August 2013 data showed the search engine taking the lion’s share of usage across the country. 

"While a full correlative analysis on the OS data is still upcoming, this past August we found that Google usage shares correlated positively to state-level statistics on median household income, job growth, education level, and median age,” said Matt Kojalo, general manager at Chitika. 

“As we noted in that earlier report, one of the other larger takeaways is the pervasiveness of Google usage across the U.S. – in no state does Google's share of search engine traffic drop below 53 percent," he added.

According to summer 2013 Chitika data, Google reigned in most states, but especially in the following:

  • California – 72 percent
  • Utah – 73 percent
  • New York – 71 percent
  • Massachusetts – 72 percent
  • New Jersey – 70 percent


When it comes to Mac versus Windows desktop operating systems, states that favored Mac the most, according to November 2013 data, were:

  1. Vermont – 28.5 percent 
  2. Hawaii – 19 percent
  3. Alaska – 13.5 percent 


And top states using Windows, according to November 2013 data, were:

  1. Washington - 98.3 percent (Microsoft headquarters here) 
  2. Nevada – 97.3 percent
  3. Missouri – 97.1 percent


Chitika says it aims to update these data points every six months, with the next iteration of Google-by-state data coming in the next month or so. New data points are said to be coming as well, including other search engines and browsers, along with mobile-specific stats.

To view the methodology of the study that served as the foundation for the map, go here

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