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Humans Still Part Of Google Ad Review Process

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Yesterday I posted about concerns over the relevancy of ads at Google and the question of whether human review was still being done. Yes, humans are still involved as part of the overall process, though it doesn't seem as if they review each and every ad. I plan to follow up more on this in the near future, but here's what Google sent over on the situation:

Google uses a combination of humans and technology to review keywords and ads for relevancy, editorial guidelines and our content policy. In many cases, ads are reviewed through automated processes first and then followed by human review. This enables ads to go live almost immediately, a feature that many of our advertisers like. We continue to remove ads that don't meet relevancy requirements, editorial guidelines or our content policy.

Quality based minimum bidding is not a replacement for determining, and reviewing for, relevancy. Relevancy is an important factor in determining the Quality Score which is the basis for assigning minimum bids for keywords. Quality-based minimum bidding provides advertisers with more control to bid on keywords that are valuable to them.

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