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The latest stories about online video, including guides for using web videos to promote and sell your products.

  1. AdWords Changing Video Advertising Options in April

    The change will take AdWords "TrueView" video viewing from three formats to two: in-stream and in-display. The change will fold in the former third option, in-search viewing, with in-display. All video campaigns will be upgraded starting May 15.

  2. Google Vows to Reduce Fake YouTube Views

    It's unclear how many "fraudulent" views YouTube videos have been racking up, but Google said that its incoming measures to monitor views should affect only a "miniscule fraction" of video clips on the website.

  3. The 2014 Super Bowl Commercials Just Kicked Off

    Based on new Unruly Media data, 60 percent of the most shared Super Bowl ads of all time were launched before Super Bowl Sunday. Fittingly, everyone can now get a sneak peek of some of this year's commercials on the YouTube Ad Blitz pregame gallery.

  4. YouTube Unveils New Comment Management Page

    YouTube just revamped its commenting system again, still linking to but not totally removing it from Google+, despite receiving major criticism when it switched the system over to its social arm. Here's a look at what's new.

  5. Top 10 Predictions for Video in 2014

    Should we expect to see mobile video usage explode? Short-form content go mainstream? Blurred lines between music videos and ads? YouTube fix its broken business model? A redesign of One Channel? Here are our top 10 predictions for video in 2014.

  6. 20 Top YouTube and Video Marketing Stories of 2013

    YouTube dominated the video marketing headlines again this year – but the launches of Twitter's Vine and Facebook's Video on Instagram as well as AOL's acquisition of ADAP.TV provided lots of interesting sidebars. These were the 20 biggest stories.