‘Gayglers’ Visibly Support Google in Global Pride Parades

While there was some pushback over a perception that Google was hiding its support of the LGBT community during Gay Pride Week, the company employees were out in large numbers at many of the parades held last weekend throughout the world.

Google Pride 2011 San Francisco

“More than a thousand Googlers participated in Pride celebrations in a dozen cities to support equality and remember the sacrifices of those who have made life better for members of the LGBT community today”, the Official Google blog reported.

Wearing colorful Gaygler and Android Pride T-shirts, the employees marched in parades from “San Francisco to Dublin to Tel Aviv to Boston” and added a presence at the Sydney, Australia, parade for the first time.

“The Gayglers is Google’s employee network group for LGBT employees, friends and allies.  Our LGBT community at Google is focused on four major initiatives: internal education and awareness, community outreach, helping to shape company policy and building our external presence.  Gayglers chapters exist just about everywhere Google operates around the world from San Francisco to New York, London to Zurich, Israel to India,” information on the Google workforce page explained.

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