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A Black Friday Marketing Checklist: Are You Ready?

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black-friday-checklistEcommerce sites face their busiest days at the end of the week, so before we break for turkey, it's a smart idea to go through a basic checklist to make sure you're ready.

  • Have you added changes to homepage announcing your specials? Regardless of what brings them, you should promote the discounts that make you the most money.
  • Are price discounts predominately displayed where applicable? Don't forget them on your checkout pages - show what they are saving will reduce abandonment.
  • Have you created the emailer that should go out Friday and Monday mornings alerting your local customers of the specials and possibly giving them an extra discount or advantage?
  • Are your specific PPC ads preset to launch in the right locations at the right times? Remember to set an alert if the bidding increases - there will be more bidders and your ads may not get seen as much if you maintain your regular bids.
  • Have you set remarketing ads? Dominating the space with remarketing ads for these few days is very effective.
  • Is you site mobile ready? Given people will be out shopping, mobile ready sites will get better conversions.
  • Are you running mobile ads? As noted above, people will be mobile, so your advertising has to be there too.
  • Do you have your social media channels ready for this increase of interest? Monitoring your social channels is important during these high traffic days. People will be looking for recommendations, so be ready to engage and offer links to your specials.
  • Have you set alerts in your analytics to let you know of things that need immediate attention? Try setting an alert for increased bounce rates and be ready to respond. The increase in 'motivated-to-buy' visitors can quickly show any pages that interrupt the sales flow, so addressing it right away can halt the exodus of potential sales.
  • Have you created a special qualifier for email addresses captured during this period? These people can be seen as discount shoppers, so campaigns for exclusive coupons or specials will have good open rates even after the holiday push.

Enjoy the turkey folks, and take one more look over your site.

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