Dave Ragals

Dave Ragals

Senior Vice President of Client Services


Dave Ragals serves as Senior Vice President of Client Services for IgnitionOne, where he oversees the company's client services operations and is co-author of “The Integrated Marketing Playbook.” Mr. Ragals has more than 13 years of online experience.

He began his online career with CNN, where he served as V.P., News Features at CNN Interactive, managing the creation of highly-customized content as well as several large business relationships with advertisers and partners. In addition, he developed the paid search marketing strategy for the American Cancer Society, where he was in charge of Web Marketing. Mr. Ragals graduated from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree.

Articles by Dave Ragals

Using PLAs to Enhance, Not Encroach, on SEM


To truly make PLAs a win, use semantic optimization to better position the products in your feed to match actual consumer intent and make the most of your creative. This will help generate a greater return overall on your marketing dollars.

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If you’ve noticed CPCs going up in Yahoo Bing, you’re not alone. Yahoo Bing made some subtle changes to its cascading bidding structure last year, putting it more in line with Google. Here's how marketers can keep costs in line and efficiency up.

Search Marketing Horror Tales


Everyone enjoys a good scare around Halloween. But that doesn’t mean your paid search campaign has to be nightmarishly frightful. Witness four of the most spine-tingling and horrifying search marketing mistakes ... if you dare!

Looking Beyond the Click


Stores hire people in clown suits to draw customers through their doors. The clowns don’t care who buys something. But we do. Don’t be a clown. Make the full conversion experience the focus of your efforts, not just your part.

Back to School for Search Marketers


Now that summer vacation is behind us, a busy Q4 lies ahead. For search marketers, it's a good time to make sure your PPC accounts are in good shape. Your first assignment: check your messaging, keywords, bid optimization, and then get testing!

SEM Metrics That Really Matter


It’s easy to get wrapped up in basic metrics you always watch. While these will help you understand your ads better, knowing the real value of the results of these ads allows you to connect your CPAs, CPLs, and ROASs to metrics that really matter.

Don’t Neglect Landing Page Analysis


We often look at effective search engine marketing as keywords, creatives, and landing pages. Too often, marketers neglect landing pages, which is a huge mistake as they can be instrumental in improving quality score and conversion rate.

5 PPC Account Optimization Tactics


Falling into the complacency of ongoing optimization with your search accounts can leave opportunity and money on the table. A close evaluation of your account can turn something good into something great and give your account a needed kick-start.

Why Search Marketers Must Use AdWords Ad Extensions

You Got the X Factor Don't Miss Out on Ad Extensions

In the world of SEM, you have to juggle many methods to make sure a PPC account is running efficiently. Throwing Ad Extensions into that mix will add an extra edge to any PPC account. Let’s review AdWords Ad Extensions and why you should use them.

Extreme Makeover – PPC Account Edition


Your PPC account is no different from a home. Sometimes you need to remodel and sometimes you’ll have to tear it down to rebuild it from the ground up. Learn how to pick the right crew and tools – and how to set quantifiable benchmark KPIs.

Make Sure You Don’t Get the Black Friday Blues


A last minute Black Friday checklist for search marketers: beat the Google AdWords holiday rush, keep a backup evergreen ad in each and every ad group, and coordinate and have a system that keeps tabs on who makes what changes to avoid overlap.

How to Build a Great SEM Team


Putting together a championship SEM team requires understanding the positions you need to fill; identifying the skills and experience to fill those positions; and finding a great coach or manager to bring it all together. Start winning today.

3 Steps to Happy Holiday SEM Returns

Retail Demand Curve for Holidays 2007 to 1020

For many, Q4 is a make or break time of year. Without proper PPC planning and strategy, it can lead to little more than a higher cost of doing business. But these three low-effort steps can help make it this the most wonderful time of the year.