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7 Ways You Might Be Losing Out on Search Rankings


Consider these solutions for optimizing SEO, if your site consistently struggles to rank for targeted searches in spite of all other efforts to comply with Google's algorithms. If your site is consistently struggling to rank for targeted searches in spite of all efforts to comply with Google's algorithms, try these suggestions for optimizing SEO. 0 Comments

Avoid Blocking CSS and JavaScript for Suboptimal Rankings


Following its announcement about crawling JavaScript and CSS files, Google released a free tool that can test and solve SEO robots.txt related problems and is compatible with Bing. Are you currently blocking CSS and JavaScript files? Google recently debuted a free tool that is also compatible with Bing. It enables you to test and solve SEO robots.txt related issues. 0 Comments

How to Use Google's New Customer Match Feature


The latest advancement in personalization, Google's new Custom Match feature will increase ad targeting potential. How can marketers effectively use this tool to their advantage? Google’s Custom Match feature optimizes ad targeting capabilities. How can marketers effectively leverage this function and take full advantage of this advancement in personalization? 0 Comments

Is Your New Content the 'Right' Content?


Successful content expansion is not measured by continuous efforts to churn out whatever is trending. Rather, it entails a thorough analysis of your target audience's interests and needs. Successful content expansion is not measured by repeated efforts to comply with current fads. Rather, it requires a thorough analysis of your target audience's needs and interests. 0 Comments

Never Losing the 'What' of Digital Advertising


From media platforms like Pinterest to e-commerce sites like Amazon, brand-to-consumer communication remains driven by search with a comprehension of customer intent the epicenter. The evolution of media platforms like Pinterest and e-commerce hubs like Amazon shows brand-to-customer communications motivated by search with a comprehension of consumer intent at the core. 0 Comments

Why Your PPC Bidding Needs to Evolve


As SEM continues to evolve, so too should your strategies. Here's how you can align PPC bidding strategy with current keyword performance to effectively optimize campaigns. Consider these suggestions for effectively aligning current keyword performance with PPC bidding strategy, as they will ultimately optimize overall SEM campaign efforts. 0 Comments

Do You Have a Diversified Local Strategy?


Now that Google has reduced its local listing positions, brands using a limited ad strategy deter ranking efforts. Here’s why it’s important to have a diverse marketing strategy. Since Google has reduced the number of local listing positions, brands that fail to implement a diverse ad strategy will inevitably drop in the rankings. Here’s how you can avoid this fate. 0 Comments

Focusing on Consumer Attitude to Understand Behavior


For a thorough analysis of customer behavior, marketers should exercise consumer surveys and execute usability testing on websites. Here is why these tactics are beneficial to strategy. Marketers benefit from exercising consumer surveys and executing usability testing on websites, as these tactics create a robust profile for the consumer base. 0 Comments

On-Page, Link Signals the Most Important Local Ranking Factors


Moz just released the results of another survey in which respondents ranked local ranking factors, noting which ones they've paid more attention to since Google switched to three-packs. Since, Google switched its local search results to three-packs, marketers have paid more attention to the quality and authority of structured citations, according to new Moz research. 0 Comments

3 Reasons to Stop Bidding on 90 Percent of Your Keywords


To bid or not to bid? That is the question. Use this guide to determine an effective strategy for bidding on the right keywords and ultimately turn substantial profits. Why continue bidding on keywords that are not converting? These insights can help you to determine an effective bid strategy enabling you to pick keywords of value. 0 Comments

Does Video Enhance Predictive Search?


Predictive search is nothing new, but as YouTube has grown to the second-largest search engine, it's spread to video. Does that help it? Experts say yes, both in direct and indirect ways. Experts don't see eye-to-eye on how video enhances predictive search, though they agree that it does. 0 Comments

How Much Time Does SEO Really Take?


Initiating an effective SEO campaign is time-consuming, but it's essential for success in the competitive digital landscape. Here's a basic breakdown of the process. This step-by-step guide describes the basics of initiating an effective SEO campaign. This skill set is critical for achieving success in the competitive digital landscape. 0 Comments

Halloween Tricks and Treats for Digital Marketers


The holiday shopping season is the most significant time of year for digital marketers, starting with Halloween. Consider these insights and optimize your ad campaign strategy. With Halloween just around the corner, the holiday shopping season is about to kick into high gear. Here are tricks to optimize your campaign strategy during this critical marketing period. 0 Comments

4 Tips for Optimizing FAQ Pages for Search


Improving the customer experience will ultimately lead to increased engagement with your brand. Here are some helpful suggestions to help optimize your site's FAQ pages. To enhance the customer experience and ultimately increase engagement with your brand, consider using these tips to optimize your website’s FAQ pages for search. 0 Comments

Fake YouTube Views Still Monetized by Google


Analyzing fake views for major video portals, a team of European researchers found that YouTube's fraud detection is by far the most sophisticated - but it still charges for those views. YouTube is sophisticated when it comes to detecting fake views, though the platform still monetizes them, according to new research from Europe. 0 Comments

Why It's Time to Rethink Your PPC Ad Extensions


Now that Google has announced the debut of its Structured Snippets ad extension for AdWords, how will this new addition impact your overall PPC campaign strategy? Google recently released Structured Snippets ad extension for Google AdWords. Use these insights to determine if this tool can benefit your PPC campaign strategy. 0 Comments

Future-Proof Your SEO Career in a Mobile World


Sustaining success in SEO is contingent on the ability to adapt to a mobile-driven world. How does the evolution of organic search correlate with mobile's current influence on the digital landscape? Today, success in SEO is measured based on one’s ability to adapt to a mobile-driven world. How does the evolution of organic search correlate with mobile's impact on the digital landscape? 0 Comments