Google Quality Scoring: Changes And Insights

Okay the Quality Score discussions have been busy lately. While we would all like to have a light turned on inside the ‘black box’ there has been some insight given recently if you have been watching carefully.

Yesterday, Barry Schwartz posted about Google’s announcement of more small changes to the algorithm. He noted that while Google claimed not many advertisers would be impacted by the changes, the members at both DigitalPoint and WebMasterWorld seem to differ on that point.

We all love finding our accounts littered with inactivated terms without ant prior notice.

Peter Hershberg posted an interesting piece of informatioin inside his take on QS. In an email back from Google about the impact of recent QS changes he was told this nugget:

keywords are not dynamically inserted into your ad text because their corresponding Quality Scores aren’t high enough to qualify for keyword insertion.

Not only does it add information about the QS but answers a question people have been asking about problems with keyword inserts.

Here are a few more articles worth a read on this topic.

Amy Konefal
Susan Esparza
Geordie Carswell
Greg Meyers

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