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Bing Reveals a Frighteningly Delicious Recipe for PPC Success

Fall is nearly here, marking the start of the annual holiday shopping season. In anticipation of Halloween, here are tips to help marketers polish up omni-device PPC advertising campaigns. Halloween marks the first wave of holiday-focused shopping. Using Bing's analysis of last year's purchase trends, here are tricks to enhance your PPC marketing strategy. 0 Comments

SEO for E-Commerce Websites


Consider these insightful observations to address or avoid common conundrums that can arise while attempting to generate, manage, and improve the SEO for e-commerce websites. Here are ways to facilitate the optimization of e-commerce websites. These insightful observations can help you avoid common dilemmas while also enhancing an e-tailer's SEO. 0 Comments

Google Has a New Look and We Really Like It


The search giant has rolled out a new Google logo, moving from a serif font to a sans-serif font. Branding experts think the company has nailed the logo redesign on several levels. The search giant has rolled out a new Google logo, moving from a serif font to a sans-serif font. Branding experts think the company has nailed the logo redesign on several levels. 0 Comments

5 Essential Hybrid Digital Marketing Skills to Develop Now


In spite of the transient nature of this ever-evolving and converging field, here are five skills that will allow digital marketers to adapt and thrive as hybrid professionals. These insights can help marketers to adapt to and ultimately succeed in the transient and ever-evolving world of hybrid digital marketing. 0 Comments

Maximizing Profit in Shopping Campaigns


Search marketing shopping campaigns like those used for Google Shopping can improve strategy and increase profit by utilizing the economic principles of marginal profit optimization. Search marketers can drive and maximize profits from Google Shopping by adjusting current strategy to consider the basic economic principles of marginal profit optimization. 0 Comments

What Would You Do If You Were CEO of Skyscanner?


In the spirit of a Skyscanner promotion giving someone the chance to spend the day as CEO of the travel search engine, we posed the questions to some of Search Engine Watch's columnists. To celebrate reaching 40 million users, Skyscanner is giving its CEO the day off and inviting someone else to take his place - what if that someone were an SEW contributor? 0 Comments

5 Tools for Finding High-Value Long-Tail Keywords


Valuable doesn't necessarily mean expensive. Relevant long-tail keywords are often cheaper and lead to more conversions; here are five tools to help you find them. These five tools will help you find relevant long-tail keywords, which can be more valuable than their pricier counterparts. 0 Comments

Google's CTR Dominance Is a Double-Edged Sword

Google Bing Yahoo

Google trounces Yahoo and Bing when it comes to ad impressions and CTR, but the numbers are much closer than they were three years ago. Less competition - and lower CPC - is definitely a factor. Less competition resulting in cheaper clicks is a factor in Yahoo and Bing's slow-yet-steady disruption of Google's dominance. 0 Comments

Do App Interstitials Create A Bad User Experience?

The Ubuntu Meizu 4 had an impressive choice of apps

Google research says yes, counting the ad format among negative ranking factors. However, Yelp's CEO - and industry experts - remains skeptical of the company's reasoning. They do, according to Google, but Yelp's CEO and industry experts believe the search giant had ulterior motives with its study. 0 Comments