90-Day Challenge: How to Increase Sales and Leads in Just 90-Days

The internet is filled with deserted websites that were built in hopes of driving traffic and business but abandoned when those clicks never materialized. What many businesses fail to understand is that building a website is only the first step in a path to more leads, conversions and sales.conversions.

If your website isn’t getting much attention from customers and is not turning up on first page of Google, adopting a 90-day calendar for an integrated marketing strategy in which keywords, clicks, and emails are all carefully planned could be the key to bringing your website back from the dead.

Download this ebook and discover:

  • How to optimize for third-party ecommerce platforms
  • The importance of pay-per-click advertising for increasing sales and leads
  • The power of social media
  • How much your keywords are worth and how to improve them

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