Auto, Health & Life Most Competitive in Insurance Search Marketing [Study]

The spotlight is on the insurance industry – including digital marketing spend, popular keywords, social marketing opportunities, and more – in a new infographic from digital marketing software company Kenshoo.

Which subsets of insurance spent the most in online advertising? Vehicle insurance, life insurance, and health insurance were among the top spenders.


According to the data, the majority of search volume in the insurance space is comprised of non-branded terms, “with high click-through rates for brand keywords driving up that segments’ percentage of clicks.”


“Insurance has considerable competition around product categories and price, which can push the balance of brandand non-brand keyword volume more heavily towards non-brand,” Kenshoo said in its report.

The top 25 keywords most frequently used in search for the insurance sector included, once again, “health”, “auto” and “life” as the top contenders. 


Social comes into play when people are looking to buy insurance, “especially for younger consumers,” said Kenshoo. Twenty-seven percent of those surveyed use social media to investigate a product or service they intended to buy. 


Here’s the full infographic by Kenshoo:

Financial Services Infographic

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