Fortune 100 Companies Not Measuring Up in Mobile [Study]

The Search Agency is keeping score with its latest research on Fortune 100 companies and their adoption of mobile best practices. The agency has released a scorecard that compares what some of the biggest brands are doing (or not doing) when it comes to delivering a mobile experience for users.

What they found was that no one company in the Fortune 100 received a perfect score of 5, but brands with the top scores included:

  • Coca-Cola and FedEx tied in with a score of 4.49
  • TIAA-CREF and Walgreens tied with a score of 4.24
  • Liberty Mutual with a score of 4.19

The average score for all companies in the study was 2.31 out of 5.


The Search Agency measured the Fortune 100 mobile practices against five factors:

  • Load speed.
  • Calculated download speed.
  • The site’s format.
  • Presence of an app.
  • Social media presence.

That created a scorecard that looked something like this:


Here’s a sampling of the Fortune 100 brands that ranked the highest in The Search Agency’s scorecard:


Surprisingly, many of the brand’s websites had slow load times – much slower than Google’s recommendation of sites loading in one second or less for the mobile experience.


The Search Agency offered several tips in its report for delivering a stellar mobile experience, which included:

  • Upholding your brand by carrying over the visually significant elements of it from the desktop site to the mobile site.
  • Focusing the message by placing the most essential information at the top of the page, because this is where viewers spend the majority of their time.
  • Consider using responsive web design as it allows a single, dynamic site which allows traffic, authority, and link value to be consolidated to one site and easily sorted, tracked, and measured through popular analytics packages.
  • Optimize navigation with touch-friendly buttons and links.
  • Segment pages with granularity.
  • Use breadcrumbs, filters, and jump links to improve user experience.
  • Use large fields to help users more easily see and fill in questionnaires to impact completion rate.

For more information on The Search Agency’s Fortune 100 mobile scorecard, go here.