Facebook Organic and Paid Posts With Photos Get Most Clicks, Engagement [Study]

ShopIgniter released findings of research that showed Facebook posts with photos received the highest click-throughs in organic and the most engagement on the paid side compared to other updates like offers, questions, and more.

The following shows organic versus paid post performance when ShopIgniter examined more than 2,000 Facebook news feed posts. Data suggests posts with photos receive a higher CTR compared to other types, yet posts like questions see highest CTR and viral potential when sponsored.

Organic and Viral Performance

When it comes to engagement, posts with photos experience the most with an average of 5.8 percent, This was more than 1 percent higher than the next most engaging type of organic Facebook post: the offer.

Average Engagement Rate

Turning to posts that received the most negative feedback, such as when a Facebook user hides a post or reports spam, results were highest for the notes feature in Facebook on the organic side and a link on the paid side.

Average Negative Feedback Rate

ShopIgniter offered the following best practices for Facebook posts and paid content:


  • Use photo and link posts to drive the most native engagement and clicks to maximize reach and considerations.
  • Make sure imagery and copy aligns through post, ad, and landing pages.
  • When running social rich media, use direct calls to action like “expand” and “tap to open” in all post copy.

Paid media

  • Always start with reaching all fans and work out from there. Fans tend to drive the most sharing and all of the impressions can be boosted with paid media.
  • Consider how applying paid media impacts key metrics in, at times, interesting ways. Boosting viral reach but reducing click-through rate, for example.
  • Apply the “art of segmentation” as Facebook enables remarkable targeting. Use unpublished posts to segment but not at the expense of reach. Facebook needs reach to drive conversion.

You can download the full report here.

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