Panda Aftermath: eHow Loses 42% of Google Search Visibility [Report]


A day before Demand Media is scheduled to report its earnings, a new report from Conductor sheds more light on eHow’s shrinking search visibility in the wake of Google’s Panda update.

After comparing search visibility for 2,000 keywords eHow ranked highly for before Panda (Feb 13) to last week (April 27), Conductor reported lower rankings on 72 percent of those keywords (or 1,440 keywords) — with 42 percent of keywords (840 keywords) dropping below the fourth spot in Google’s organic results, and another 17 percent (340 keywords) dropping entirely off Page 1.

As we reported in “Top Google Result Gets 36.4% of Clicks [Study],” Optify’s data showed that, on average, a site sitting in fourth position gets nearly 8 percent of clicks, and once you fall off Page 1, you’re looking at an average of 2.6 percent click-through rate at the top of Page 2, but any results beyond that quickly fall into irrelevance.

Demand Media relies heavily on Google, with 28 percent of revenue coming from Google in the first nine months of 2010, Reuters reported.

Hitwise data indicated downstream traffic from Google to all of Demand Media’s sites declined 40 percent between January and April, with eHow’s down by 29 percent for the same period. Coincidentally, Demand Media’s stock also fell by about 40 percent last month.

For the first nine months of the past year, 28 percent of Demand Media’s revenue came from Google. Compete recently reported that eHow was the 18th most visited website, with 49.8 million unique visitors and nearly 82 percent traffic growth in the past year.

The New York Times Co., during its Q1 earnings call, also reported Google’s algorithm update had negatively impacted pageviews for

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