Yahoo Publishes Top Searches

It used to be that every so often, a Yahoo top searches list would be leaked and circulated around. Now Yahoo’s made the wise move of realizing what we search for is great content. The Yahoo Buzz Index provides a breakdown of top search topics by category and overall.

“Leaders” shows you what’s hot — for example, Halloween and the Singapore Airlines crash currently top the overall list. “Movers” shows you what topics are gaining interest from the previous day. Actress Tara Reid is currently second on the movers list, probably due to her engagement, which came to light this week. You’ll find Buzz archives stretching back to Sept. 26 of this year.

Meanwhile, a similar feature that was launched earlier this year by AltaVista, the A-List, has been discontinued as part of September’s budget cutting over there. However, the oldest of the search analysis services, the Lycos 50, continues on strong.

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