Average Search CPC Data by Category for June 2008

A look at the average cost-per-click in search by vertical in the U.S. for June 2008, compared to the prior month. Data and research are provided by Efficient Frontier. “Total finance” includes auto finance, banking, credit, financial information, insurance, lending, and mortgage. Each vertical contains data from multiple advertisers.

Average Search CPC by Category, May and June, 2008
Category CPC June ($) CPC May ($) Change (%)
Total finance 2.94 2.96 -1
Mortgage 3.53 3.15 12
Auto finance 1.91 1.93 -1
Insurance 11.14 10.63 5
Travel 0.67 0.74 -10
Automotive 0.50 0.49 2
Retail 0.47 0.45 5
Dating 0.41 0.40 3
Source: Efficient Frontier 2008

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