Russia and Brazil Top Social Network Engagement Rankings

Recent data from comScore’s World Metrix audience measurement service reveal that Russia and Brazil had by far the most engaged social networking audiences in the world in May, followed by Canada and Puerto Rico. The U.K. and the U.S. achieved only seventh and ninth place, respectively, based on average time per user spent on social networking sites during May 2009.

According to the data, the average Russian spent over 6.6 hours in May using online social networks, and viewed over 1,300 pages. The typical Brazilian networker dedicated slightly less time at 6.3 hours and viewed 1,220 pages. Meanwhile, Canadians used an average of 5.6 hours a month, viewing a relatively meager 649 pages each.

The global average came in at 3.7 hours per person, per month, with almost two thirds (65 percent) of users worldwide visiting at least one social networking site during the month of May.

Traffic within Russia itself was dominated by local services such as, with 14.3 million visitors, with 7.8 million visitors, and with 6.3 million visitors. U.K. and U.S. favorite Facebook attracted just 616,000 Russian visitors; however, this figure is 277 percent higher than it was during the same period last year.

Data was collected from ComScore’s panel of users 15 and over, who accessed the Internet from a home or work location.

Worldwide Top 20 Highest-Engagement Social Networking Audiences by Average Hours per Visitor, May 2009
Country Average Hours per Visitor Average Pages per Visitor
Worldwide 3.7 525
Russia 6.6 1,307
Brazil 6.3 1,220
Canada 5.6 649
Puerto Rico 5.3 587
Spain 5.3 968
Finland 4.7 919
U.K. 4.6 487
Germany 4.5 793
U.S. 4.2 477
Colombia 4.1 473
Mexico 4.0 488
Chile 4.0 418
Ireland 3.8 462
Turkey 3.7 427
Venezuela 3.7 454
France 3.6 526
Australia 3.4 374
New Zealand 3.4 386
Switzerland 3.2 430
Italy 3.2 399
1. Visitors were aged 15 and older.
2. Data are from home and work locations. They exclude traffic from public computers, such as Internet cafes and access from mobile phones and PDAs.
Source: comScore, 2009

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